tiger flowers & meek is murder at lit

monday night at lit was bittersweet. it’s the end of an era. ok, i’ll stop being so dramatic. but really, its the end of something. december 17th marked one of four of the last precious metal shows at lit lounge. curran will no longer be booking his perfect showcases that I looked forward to every week, for years. but at the same time, i am happy he is taking time away from booking these shows. curran has great taste and is a great curator, but its a time consuming endeavor with little to no rewards. with less time spent doing these shows, curran will do even greater things with wetnurse, today is the day and his new solo project body stuff. so despite my minor grief, i’m really happy for curran.

back to the pictures.

my buddies in meek is murder and tiger flowers delivered one of my favorite shows of 2012. i had so much fun. i want to go back in time. bassist sam brodsky is one of the sweetest people in the whole world. until he straps his bass on. then he’s a total maniac. seriously, just stand back. unless you really like concussions. stoked to learn of I Am Heresy but bummed I missed Black Table.

there were some really tender moments (like when the underground bears of metal united because Jesse bumped his head). i’m happy you all do what you do. thank you.

I Am Heresy

Meek is Murder

underground bears of metal

Happy Birthday Josh

Tiger Flowers