That 420 Deathfest

Friday night was absolute madness in the Lower East Side. Heels as high as stilts. Long lines and club-goers walking in packs of 10-20 people. Traffic congestion and construction everywhere. Yet, by some miracle, the underground brutal death metal show was well-attended. Much thanks to good people like Mr. Sevared Records for putting out the records for most of the bands at the show. And thanks to promoters like Vinny at Signature Riff and Mr. Gutterchrist for finding places for them to play.

Animals Killing People started off the night. Their latest release, a split with Andromorphus Rexalia (almost the same band, but with Ammo and Paolo dueling vocals) is top notch, grade A death-grind. From their set on, the show was dead on. And I managed to stay awake despite having to wait through 4 different dm drummers setting up their kits.

Animals Killing People

Death Sick


Coathanger Abortion