Shopping List: Books by Metalheads

Books by metalheads and punks that are not about music

‘Fancy Desserts’
Brooks Headley

I recently described this cookbook as “If you were to combine Joy of Cooking with Rollins’ Get In The Van and Rookie’s Yearbook, it might look something like this beautifully bound hard(core)cover.” It’s includes a bunch of savory dessert recipes with a bunch of tour stories (all connected to food, of course). I can’t get enough of this book. There are so many great recipes and tips for food prep.

buy it for foodies, failures, edge punks (and x-edgers), Italian grandmas
for fans of Universal Order of Armageddon, Born Against, Wrangler Brutes, Del Posto

‘Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion’
Elizabeth Cline

The one thing you will take from this: stop buying so much damn stuff. You don’t need it. We all buy too much stuff. We are all guilty. Just stop. From the history of fashion in New York to the massive piles of trashed clothes circling thrift stores, Elizabeth explores every way we can support more sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry.

buy it for environmentalists, fashionistas, human-rights activists
for fans of Mortals

‘Long Past Stopping’
Oran Canfield

Oran has lived more lives than all the Looney Tunes combined. It’s really hard to put this book down because you’re worried that at any moment Oran will drop dead. He literally joins a circus, drinks his first beers with cops in Mexico and sees Black Flag before making it to high school. After reading this book you will understand why his band is called Child Abuse, it’s autobiographical.

buy it for teenagers, eccentrics, addicts, self-helpers
for fans of Child Abuse, Chicken Soup For the Soul

‘Meat Is for Pussies’
John Joseph

Even though this book is directed at boneheaded men who think veganism is for the weak, I think anyone can get something out of it. If you’re worried that a plant-based diet might not provide enough protein for your fist-pumping muscles, John Joseph is here to dispel your miseducation of food.

disclaimer: i’m not a vegetarian. not even a pescetarian. but I now liberally use tumeric.

buy if for health nuts, carnivores, gym junkies
for fans of Cro-mags

Books by metalheads that ARE about music

I thank the gods of metal for these writers all the time.

Choosing Death by Albert Mudrian – It’s a classic. From Florida to Sweden, these stories are the foundation of Death Metal. Thank you Albert.

What Are You Doing Here by Laina DawesJohn Waters would describe Laina as an outsider’s outsider. She felt metal’s calling to her, she knew that there had to be other black women who felt the same passion for fast, aggressive music, and she FOUND those people.

The thing about black people is that we can be touched by anything because it seems as though we will never be able to satisfy anyone, so you might as well just be yourself. There is freedom in not following or adhering to the mold of what people expect you to be. You have to find what speaks to you.

— Laura Nicholls in What Are You Doing Here

Louder Than Hell by Katherine Turman and Jon Wiederhorn – This is not just another oral history of metal. This IS it. The stories Katherine and Wiederhorn pulled out of these maniacs are unbelievable. There is no doubt that musicians trust them for their journalistic integrity.

Books by metalheads and punks that are all about the Pictures

Murder in the Front Row by Harald Oimoen and Brian Lew – Thank god for Umlaut ( and film. This book takes you backstage to all the 80’s Bay Area thrash shows you wish you were at.

Get Shot: A Visual Diary, 1985-2012 by Martin Sorrendeguy – Over 25 years worth of beautiful pictures, representing latinos, indigenous people and a little bit of Martin’s family life. Even if you’re not a Crudos fan (which, how could you NOT be?), this is a really precious visual diary.
[already out of print, but you can try to get it Used]

My Rules by Glen E. Friedman – Fuck yeah! All the classic GEF pics and a bunch of other photos you will not believe have never been published before. And The essays will break your motherfucking heart. So much love went into this book. It’s worth every penny.

on the to-do list:
‘The Loom of Ruin’Sam McPheeters
‘Fight’Eugene S. Robinson
Punk Planet’s collection of interviews: ‘We Owe You Nothing’
and for the jersey heads: ‘No Slam Dancing, No Stage Diving, No Spikes: An Oral History of the Legendary City Gardens’