Fancy Desserts

2014-10-23 11.29.08

Fancy Desserts is the perfect combination of punk meets food. If you were to combine Joy of Cooking with Rollins’ Get In The Van and Rookie’s Yearbook, it might look something like this beautifully bound hard(core)cover. Part tour diary and part scrapbook, this is the most fun I’ve had looking at recipes. And I look at A LOT of recipes.

The desserts, like punk, are accessible and creative. And just like buying your favorite bands’ first 7″, you won’t break your bank trying to make a Cucumber Creamsicle. Even if you’re the n00biest of the n00b cooks and think these recipes might be too hard to recreate, look no further than page 75, Error Carrot Cake.

This book is filled with some strange desserts. There is a whole chapter on vegetables. But would you expect anything else from Mr. Salad Days Jr.?

At less than $20 a pop, this is what everyone should be getting for christmas this year.

[caution: This review was written while on a Rupaul discography high, which is known to cause desperate positivity and dance parties.]

PS come to Black Bear this Sunday, details below.

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PPS don’t you love all the photography by Tamara and Jason in this crazy book?!