Yuan Liu

this is part of a new photo series i’m working on. it is a collection of photographs of badass women involved in metal, hardcore and the borderline metal/punk/avant-guarde worlds. these are the people who make up the music scene. these are my friends.

Extreme Woman: Yuan Liu

Meet Yuan Liu. She is a drummer, a director and a professional in the biochemistry field. I could not make this up. Also, she sewed the flag behind Dominika!

About herself she says

From Shandong province in China swirled with Japanese and Korean blood and a background in academic research and translation of Biochemistry (Reed College, Abacam Inc.) I am passionate about making new media art incorporating molecular techniques. Being on the design team of the ’08 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony focusing on gunpowder and movement art reconfirmed my interest in production work as well.

Enjoy improvising on drums/piano and make videos themed after molecular mechanics: gravity defying at the molecular level and the structure of alkaloids and Polish female athletes’ acetylcholine pathway.

Making videos of drummer Kevin Shea involving a milk mug stage and a time machine with some dapper jazz kong fu actions and a glass dome inside of a new age sci fi fantasy, as well as helping with his costume/light design/set/videography of an extreme rock opera.

Delivering visuals for New England Conservatory of Music alums: Olga Bell (The Dirty Projectors) // Brandon Seabrook (Seabrook Power Plant) // Adam Dotson (Rubblebucket) // Will Graefe (Star Rover) // Drew Sayers (John Brown’s Body) // Eric Lane, Adam Clark, Ryan Dugre, Danilo Henriquz (Full Tang)

Some MORE Links
Recently directed and produced a surreal cinema clip for Deerhoof: http://www.stereogum.com/1648631/deerhoof-flower-video-stereogum-premiere/video/
Videos: www.vimeo.com/minamotoyuan
Drumming: https://vimeo.com/80962277
Photos: http://instagram.com/shuckles
Drawings and Sewings: https://www.facebook.com/yuan.liu.7161/media_set?set=a.130862661435.118645.622121435&type=3

Extreme Woman: Yuan Liu

Extreme Woman: Yuan Liu

Extreme Woman: Yuan Liu

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