Kim Mercado

this is part of a photo series i’ve been working on since 2011. it is a collection of photographs of badass women involved in metal, hardcore and the borderline metal/punk/avant-garde worlds. these are the people who make up the music scene. these are my friends.


I met Kim in the fifth grade. She was a sweet bubbly girl with fabulous style from Queens. These days she’s a craft beertender and a frequent concert-supporter.

What was your first metal or hardcore experience?

Kim Mercado: I honestly can’t remember that far back. There has been so many shows that I’ve been to that I’ve lost track, but the two that pop up are seeing Cro-Mags (with both John Joseph and Harley Flanagan) at CBGB in 2001 and in 2003 Iron Maiden’s “Give Me Ed Till I’m Dead” tour with Dio and Motörhead. Both shows were amazing.

How’d you get from NBHS to becoming a craft master beer slinger?

KM: I’ve always had a thing for beer. In high school I would drink 40s of shitty malt liquor and I got tired of it and started to explore. My friend introduced me to Belgian beers and I got hooked. After that I would buy a different style of beer every week to try and I got a bunch of books on craft beer and what not. This was around 2005 (underage drinking!) I even started my own beer blog to write reviews, and then I got a job at a beer store called Spuyten Duyvil Grocery. That helped me further my love of beer even more since they were getting some of the best craft beers ever delivered to them. I also am a Certified Beer Cicerone similar to a wine sommelier but with beer and I helped open up Tørst just last year, one of the top beer bars in the states. It’s been an never ending beer adventure. It’s been fun. Beer rules.



What are your favorite brews or cocktails right now?

KM: I have a lot of favorite brews. The ones that most come to mind are Alchemist Heady Topper, Omnipollo Fatamorgana, Cantillon Fou Foune, Birrificio Italiano Tipopils, Westbrook Gose, Evil Twin Brewing Femme Fatale Yuzu, Mikkeller X, Carton Boat Beer, Prairie Bomb, Maine Peeper, Budweiser (only in bottle).

My absolute favorite cocktail in the entire world is a Negroni; equal parts of gin, vermouth and Campari with an orange twist. So simple yet so delicious. I kind of have a love affair with that cocktail. I drink it almost every other day.




Do you ever pair up brews with records? Like this stout perfectly matches THIS band?

KM: I did a couple of times, haha. The last time I paired up Westbrook / Evil Twin Minigrowler Imperial Stout with Alberich’s Psychology of Love. DARK.

You’re going to work in Denmark for three months. What are you taking with you?

KM: Beers, clothes, candy, whiskey, my greenman suit and a smile. I really wish I could bring my records, but there’s too many.