Kim Kelly

This is part of a new photo series I’m working on. It is a collection of photographs of badass women involved in metal, hardcore and the borderline metal/punk/avant-guarde worlds.

I have a long list of people I want to include. Kim Kelly was buried in there because she’s pretty hard to catch. She’s usually on tour and when she’s not on tour she’s working her ass off.

Kim, like Melody, has a lot on her plate. She reviews bands for everyone (from Terrorizer to Pitchfork), she curates metal shows, she sells merch on the road for various tattooed & bearded folks and she does PR for some bands you probably dig (including crust legends Amebix and local black metal heroes Mutilation Rites).

To top it all off, she’s a really sweet gal. If you see her at a show (especially if she’s working) buy her some whiskey. And if you’re into the darkest, most brutal doom, see if you can show her some bands she hasn’t already listened to (but, I’m sure its close to impossible).

Some links:!/GrimKim/

[ People interested in letting me follow them around for a day (or a couple hours) in exchange for prints should email me at ]