Karlynn Holland

This is part of a new photo series I’m working on. It is a collection of photographs of badass women involved in metal, hardcore and the borderline metal/punk/avant-guarde worlds.

A couple years ago I started a personal project. Then I moved to DC and let life takeover. I’m opening up that project again. This time with a slightly different take.

Initially, my intention was to photograph “fans” in their homes. My first pick was Melody. She’s a strong presence in the NYC metal scene, a hardworking business owner and to top it off she’s also a really sweet person. I should mention: hardworking is a bit of an understatement. Melody has an fulltime day job. She’s a personal trainer. She owns Lucky 13, a popular metal bar in Park Slope. AND, she has some of the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen.

Now, onto my buddy Karlynn. She’s a creative artist, who also has a strong presence in the metal scene. She makes art and logos for bands and puts on a bi-monthly series of art shows at St. Vitus. Recently she did something that would make any long-haired person gasp: she shaved her head. In solidarity with her mom, who is undergoing chemo, Karlynn let go of her life-long locks. Just gone. She’s not sporting any wigs or cover-ups. And she looks amazing. So meet an extreme woman in my life, Karlynn Holland.

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