Andromorphus Rexalia at B.O.N.G. Fest

Just before it became October 7, on 41st street in between the two port authority buildings was a little maven for metalheads: tobacco road. There played Budd Dwyer, Abdicate, Death First, Forced Asphyxiation, Led to the Grave and my favorite band Andromorphus Rexalia. When I say my favorite band, I don’t just mean my fav of the night. I mean the band I listen to all the time. The band I saw a year and a half ago at Silent Barn and have been obsessed with ever since. It’s a band fronted by two of my favorite people: Paolo (compremesis, buckshot facelift) and Ammo (humanity falls, animals killing people). It’s a band with a whole lot of balls, doing death metal in the zaniest possible way. It’s the band you will forever regret never seeing if you don’t get off your ass and get with it.


Death First

Andromorphus Rexalia

(video by mick)