This is how it started. Lot’s of hugging and screaming.

I did a lot of commuting to my stupid job.

Jesse broke his foot/ankle after manhandling ABC No Rio’s floor. Tiger Flowers still played their next show 2 days later.

Eston joined Salo.

My cousin and her beautiful boy

Mick and Nondor made a record. MNDLSBLSTNG

Geryon finally played a show.

I finally saw Psychic Limb.

I did this on St. Patrick’s Day.

Aleaha got her first car.

Dysrhythmia played a ton of shows, including in New Jersey.

My brother dresses nice.

I saw Villains.

I saw Negative Plane on the same night.

Meathook. <3.

Nondor played with Hai Nguygen Dhin early in the afternoon. It ruled! One of the best improv sets of 2012.

I went to Ian Mackaye’s 50th Birthday party and ate my ass off. A total privilege.

Meek is Murder played 10 blocks from my apartment, IN JERSEY!

I finally saw Franke Vogl play music. This is Watertowers.

Jocelyn had an awesome birthday party. LOOK & LEARN.

We hung out with Moxie and Viva.

Aleaha graduated.

Stern played one of my favorite shows ever. Totally broke my heart.

I restarted a series. Hung out with Karlynn.

Iron Maiden parking lot: sun protection before seeing the gods!

The hottest show of the year: Death to All. A great tribute to Chuck & sweated my ass off.

I had my life changed by some girls who play music and took pictures at my first Rock Camp for Girls. Jean fucking Grae!

I hung out with Kim Kelly in brutal Bedstuy.

I hung out with Zeena.

I hung out with fellow photog Carrie Whitney.



I saw Occultation.

I ate Grimaldi’s for the first time.

I hung out with the ever-gorgeous Noa.

I shot a bunch of weddings in northern New Jersey.

Vilipend released ‘Inamorata’ & played Lit

I finally took a scary picture of Dean.

My favorite and probably the only rappers I saw in 2012: Talibam

Marc Edwards kicked this year’s ass!

Hung out with the fam in seaside.

Primordial returned to the states! I hit my record with a 3 day bangover.

Cellular Chaos played a lot of great shows, including this one at Death by Audio

Adriane made a lot of awesome things, including these patches.

Andromorphus Rexalia played a really late set, sans Paolo :(.

I hung out in the woods before dinner.

I hung out with Sam Marble!

My buddies. I skipped NJ Deathfest to hang out with these lovely ladies.

The calm before the storm: Rob dressed up as Danzig. I peed myself.

Judith Berkson made an opera! Despite hurricane many setback from Hurricane Sandy, Judith made it happen. Congrats!

BarrSheaDahl played The Stone.

I shot Hunters for Village Voice.

I was finally able to go see one of Gutter’s Toys for Tots show. My buddies in Gyre played.

This is my family. My aunt Nancy, my brother, my mom & my dad

Found my new favorite hardcore band: I Am Heresy.

Jesse bumped his head.

Chirag got a tattoo.

much love.