Cellular Chaos with Bacteria to Boys and BarrSheaDahl // at Zebulon

Thursday at Zebulon started with the annual August improv set from Mick Barr, Kevin Shea and Tim Dahl. Then, Bacteria to Boys played, which features Mike Pride and Jon Irabagon. Cellular Chaos closed out the night.

The first time I saw Cellular was a couple years ago at Death By Audio. Weasel had just moved to town and was playing shows like a maniac (he still is). The band was a trio featuring Ceci on bass and Kevin Shea on drums. I thought it was just heavily guided improv at the time. I didn’t realize that Weasel wrote 9 songs for the band that same week. Needless to say, it was a much different vibe than what the band has morphed into.

As a photographer and show-lover, there is a great feeling in watching a band progress. I love seeing how far bands will take live music. I love watching bandmates grow together. And after regularly going to metal and hardcore shows for the last 8 years, its pretty hard to surprise me and keep me interested in staying out passed midnight. Cellular Chaos is one of those bands that make it worth the wait. They just make life more exciting. Their EP is really special too and I can’t wait for people to be obsessed with them.

If you haven’t yet, check out the Village Voice’s article on Weasel Walter’s label UgExplode. And then the extra Q&A with Cellular Chaos’ Admiral Grey and Ceci Moss.


Bacteria To Boys

Cellular Chaos