Metalcrush: a hottest guys in metal list

Aka the good looking AND talented guys in metal list


Unless you’re actually into guys (or are in the Tiger Flowers/Meek is Murder family), I don’t want to hear any D00D’S opinion on my list. I’ve had enough of reading about your opinions on the hot keyboard player with the great tits. I’ve seen and heard what you have to say about girls and what makes them “hot”. And now it’s my turn to drool over the hunky shredmasters I adore.

I wanted to keep my list to people alive. Despite the fact that three of my biggest crushes growing up were Chuck, Dimebag and Mr. Steele. And even though my loverboy is my number one in real life, this is not a piece about how great my man is (but he is). ANY WAYS, if I had a locker, these guys would have their promos splattered all over it.

10. Alan Averill

primordial vocalist is one of the most commanding performers you will ever watch

9. Blacky

through the years, this Voivod bassist has held it down. he’s a goofball and a manaic.

8. Bob Vigna

this NYDM legend of Immolation fame sports the classiest picking style ever seen by mankind

7. Tom Araya

the Smiliest, yet evilest thrash laugher ever

6. Eric Park

Devourment drummer = brutality, blastbeats and dreadlocks

5. Summer Welch

former secret weapon of Baroness

4. Joe Duplantier

Gojira frontman / Arty Frenchman with skinny mustache

3. Apollyon

this double duty aura noir and immortal axeman serves up straight badass norwegian black metal realness, honey

2. Rich hoak

this revenge of the nerds bad boy is one of funniest performers you will ever watch.

1. Mike Smith

Former Suffo blaster & in my eyes, king of the NYDM throne


::: UPDATE: This list inspired a group of us to make a giant, collective list of metal hotties. If you’d like to contribute, please email me at :::