Women Clap Back


After speaking at an event together in February, Laina and I wanted to keep the conversation going. We wanted to dive into a deeper discussion on race, gender and the arts. First she got clearance from The New School. Then we started emailing and calling people. On top of teaching classes, applying to a pretty intense PHD program and juggling other freelance work, Laina managed to get all these amazing people into one room, for an entire day. Here they are in alphabetical order (by first name).

Caroleen Stewart

Caroleen on the Scene

Christina A. Long

Christina Long Art

Cristy C. Road

Croadcore Mall

Crystal Durant


Destiny Washington

Brooklyn Waste
Destiny Designs

Dianca Potts

Dianca London on tumblr

Faith Pennick

Organized Chaos

Foxy Squire


Jeanne Fury

Could We Have Everything Louder Than Everything Else?

Joan Jocson-Singh

On the Shelves

Kali Fletcher


Kim Gill

Keep It Metal with Kim Gill

Kristen Korvette

Syllabic Stylist
Mining The Motherload: Mastodon’s #twerkgate and sexual objectification in metal

Laina Dawes

What Are You Doing Here?
Writing Is Fighting

Maya Choy-Sutton

Apartment Window
Small Talk

Mollena Williams

Playground 2015 with Mollena Lee Williams-Hass and Georg Friederich Haas

Naomi Elena Ramirez


Priscilla Layne


Rafaella Gunz

‘Getting Herpes Was a Gift’

Samantha Hollins

GhettoSongBird on FaceBook
on ReverbNation
on YouTube

Simone Maurice

Multimedia Maverick
The Essential Women’s Guide

Ursula Parson

Meet Ursula

Yuan Liu

Deerhoof “Flower” [producer & director]
Rubblebucket “Carousel Ride” [production design]
Scout’s Day Dream

Join us on Wednesday May 4th, 2016 at 7pm for a discussion on Rock & Metal at Barnard

August 18-23: Mick Stone Residency

Hokkaido Japan

AUG 18–23

at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street
$15 per set

8/18 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Chuck Bettis (throat, electronics) Colin Marston (bass)
Utter purveyors of primal vent. This show will probably be released.

10 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Nondor Nevai (drums, vocals)
Spontaneously composed superhuman splatterkraft.

8/19 Wednesday (SK)
8 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Tim Dahl (bass) Kevin Shea (drums)
Brutal space-less shred trance.

10 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Brooks Headley (drums)
Old Voivod and new Darkthrone. Pre-written music.

8/20 Thursday (MJC)
8 pm
Marc Edwards/Mick Barr duo
Marc Edwards (drums) Mick Barr (guitar)
Blistering guitar and drums improv with superman Marc Edwards from Dark To Themselves.

10 pm
Ixot Expanse
Mick Barr, Brian Degraw, Tim Dewit, Franke Vogl
Old school DC gogo jam. Featuring Franke Vogl of Meta-matics, Et At It. Tim Dewit aka Dutchegerm of Gang Gang Dance and The Crainium. Brian Degraw aka bEEdEEgEE of GGD and The Crainium. Dozens of years behind and ahead.

8/21 Friday (BAL)
8 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Johnny Deblase (bass) Chuck Bettis (throat, electronics) Mike Pride (drums)
Second official performance. Born of dripping ancience. Murky dungeon thunder.

10 pm
Mick Barr (guitar, vocals) Colin Marston (guitar) Nicholas McMaster (bass, vocals) Lev Weinstein (drums)

8/22 Saturday (ICS)
8 pm
Hathenter: Supermeld (4 guitar meld)
Mick Barr, Colin Marston, Brandon Seabrook, Eliane Gazzard (guitars)
Blue seratonin extra sensory 4 guitar meld worship performance. By way of the ouija.

10 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Colin Marston (guitar) Weasel Walter (drums) Paulo Henri Paguntalan (vocals)
Technical improv brutal death metal.

8/23 Sunday (ISAV)
8 pm
Mick Barr (strings) Lev Weinstein (drums, logdrum)
Improvised thrash and psychic suppression. Members of SNL.

10 pm
Mick Barr (guitar)
Solo guitar set. Slow, fast, quiet, loud, all kinds of music. New stuff too.