This year I saw a bunch of my favorite bands and didn’t take a single picture. I saw Diamanda Galas, Agent Orange and Black Sabbath! I also saw Wax Idols & Skullshitter twice. Despite the shitstorm of idols dying, fascism rising and all the other shitty things you already know about, I hugged a lot of you. Let’s do that some more.

Party Animals

Talked with Antonia

Made friends with Mariel

Ray Ban paid to hang my work

Hung with Unnatural Ways

Nebadon played the Super Bowl Party

John Turned 30.

If he ever actually read my blog, he’d kill me for posting this pic of him 😉

Anytime I’m having a bad day, I look at this picture of Sigmund with cantaloupe on his head and am reminded that everything is going to be ALRIGHT

We <3 Larry Wilmore!

Jex Blackmore + Kristen Sollee

Guitar nerdz

Sabbath Assembly

Slutist Fest

Reverend Mother Flash

Gretchen Heinel + Luna Duran

Legacy Fatale

Dangrrr Doll


Void Vision

Wax Idols

I went to Flushing for the first time! Didn’t want to leave!

Psalm Zero


Tiger Flowers

Diana had her first recital <3

Saw Yautja twice. Once at Vitus. Another time in Olympia, only have pics from this time.

Kayo Dot

I learned what Linear Regression is

Roses always grow at this condemned house

Primitive Weapons

King Woman

Wax Idols

Enid Ellen

Skullshitter !!!!!!

Reunited with my German brothers: Nightmarer

Superiority Burger

Saw Tufte speak

Watched a bunch of Willie Mae girls kick ass! The Firebird

Untitled Band

Shot Toys that Kill for High Times

Taught a workshop on the history of MCs

Mick learned how to Skype

Superiority started delivering to my cubicle!

I went to Olympia

Krallice kicked ass at Migration Fest

So did Oly hometown hereos Christian Mistress

Kim + Brendan

Karaoke party

Goth dance party!

Partied with my aunt Nancy and her beautiful grandchildren

Big Eyes, for High Times

Divine at AVAM

Mick is really good at story time

Love + caterpillar friends

I met Fifi, the kissing horse

Diana turned 30

My secret lunchtime park

Gorguts at LPR


I cut my hair off

Judith + Mick debuted work at Roulette

John dancing on my 30th

Overshins at Vitus


IUD at the Kitchen

John + Diana wardrobe testing for new band

Nicholas having the best Kissmas ever with a signed copy of Destroyer

New Museum with Marcos, Fiona & Harry, 2007 style

<3 <3 <3